It’s cool, yes, but drone’s true value is in the data

2 days ago

“There’s value and return on investment in finding problems before the combine,” says Precision Drone Owner Matt Minnes, who demonstrated the drone during the 2015 Farm Science Review.

How to divide peonies

3 days ago

Dividing, or propagating, peonies should be done in early fall.


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Leaders in change: Ohio farm families recognized for their conservation efforts

3 days ago

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources recognized five families as winners of the 2015 Conservation Farm Family Awards Sept. 24 at the Farm Science Review in London.

It’s not ‘social media,’ it’s just sharing the story of agriculture

3 days ago

Ohio farmer Charles Wildman on the importance of farmers on social media: “I just put a human face on what we’re doing, and with that, you gain trust for the bigger issues.”

‘Super’ lice teach a valuable lesson

5 days ago

A recent study found that many states are now home to insecticide-resistant head lice.

Farm and Dairy’s week in review: 9/26

6 days ago

This week’s top stories include immigrants and the U.S. dairy industry, weather apps for farmers, the Loudonville Farmers Equity’s 100th anniversary and more.

Organic strawberries are often profitable, but risky

6 days ago

Report shows the challenges and opportunities of growing organic strawberries.

Return of an American favorite: How to grow and enjoy chestnuts at home

7 days ago

Crossing Chinese and American chestnut trees is an effort to breed the American chestnut back with disease resistance.

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