Thursday, May 5, 2016

Around the Table

Get the debit card ready for this weekend, folks. It’s time to treat mom to whatever strikes her fancy. For Jen's mom, it's recipes from Carrabba's.


Hardening off plants is simple; it’s the process of adjusting plants to outdoor temperatures after they’ve been started indoors.

Planting tips and suggested annual flowers to grow this year.

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girls at 2011 Trumbull County Fair
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Corn planting

Ohio is reported at 27 percent planted on corn, with 17 being the five-year average. That was a big uptick from the 8 percent reported last week, or the 11 percent of last year.
earth from outer space

Editor Susan Crowell takes a look at climate change and livestock emissions: fact and fiction. There are best practices from the US that would help other nations become more sustainable.

What has a red coil and metal frame? This week's Hazard a Guess challenge! Give us your best guess as to what it is and how it is used.
graduation mortarboard and diploma

Far from being "the best days of your life," if you are lucky, your high school days do not matter nearly as much as you have been told it does.
Colt AR-15

Despite many companies manufacturing what the casual gun buyer refers to as an AR-15, Colt is the original and primary manufacturer.

May is when many birders are born. The aroma of lilacs fills the air and spring migration shifts into overdrive.

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